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Chinese Economy has Grown So Big, So Quickly. Which Country is the Next?

Nominal GDP by Country

China once described as a "sleeping lion" has completely awaken. She has overcome the financial crisis in 2008 with less damages than most other countries in the world, and is keeping the stable second potision only behind the United States. The next big player may be India or Brazil or another, but there is not so much suprise when mesuring with the money or size of economy. So how about the happiness? what do we do for that? And what shall we do for the world sustainabiliy? --- Challenges abounds. GDP growth is never the only goal and never the first priority.

*This Visualization is based on the nominal GDP data by IMF. Effects of price flactuation or purchasing power are not taken into account.

User's Guide

  • Size of circle elements represent each country's nominal GDP.
  • Click circles to show the country's name and GDP.
  • Use the slider bar below to change the year and see transitions.
  • To adjust the view of the screen, touch or point outside the circles.(*1)
  • Circles move randomly as if floating. They can be sorted by size.
  • World countries' power of growth and economic ballances can be well observed.

Buttons (below)

  • [sort] Sort circles by GDP (ON/OFF)
  • [cluster] Gather circles vertically to the middle (ON/OFF)
  • [label all] Show the information of all circles (ON/OFF)
  • [color all] Color all circles(*2) (ON/OFF)
  • [reset size] Reset the magnification and shift of the screen
  • [pause]  Stop the move of circles (ON/OFF)
  • *1:On PCs, drag the mouse to move the screen, rotate the mouse wheel to magnify. On smart devices, swipe and pinch works.
  • *2:Color of a circle changes everytime on reload.


Data sources for this visualization are as follows.

  • IMF "Nominal GDP (Billions of U.S. dollars)" *Data released in April, 2017


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